There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about meditation– trust us, we've heard or thought them all ourselves! We also now know that those myths and misconceptions have very little to do with what meditation is really all about. In fact, the practice of meditation is just as accessible to beginners as it is to that yogi on the mountain.  Our meditation techniques are so simple and effortless that children can master them and put them to use.  

This is great news, because meditation has a number of measurable, real-world benefits including improved brain function, better health, clearer focus, a boost in creativity and more balanced moods, not to mention happiness, stronger relationships and the best of all, inner peace. Adding meditation to your daily lifecan be as simple as breathing. You don’t need to put in hours of intensive work or take a spiritual journey to some far-off land, and you don’t need to embrace any specific religion or belief system.

All that you need is the desire to learn, and someone who knows what they’re doing to teach you how to do it.

Interested in learning?

If you want a direct experience of peace, contentment and joy and you are ready to go, then please have a look for a course near you. The Bright Path has over 400 teachers worldwide.

Happiness, peace and love are actually things that live within all of us, all the time. The challenge is finding a way to access that happiness, that inner joy, that inner peace so that it’s with you all the time.

What if discovering true happiness, peace and love was a lot easier than it sounds?

What if you didn’t have to spend hours reading, or studying, or seeking? What if that joy you desire was right there for the taking, within you now?  What if the path to happiness, peace and love was simple and effortless and natural?

Do you think it's worth exploring for your self?

Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas’ of the Bright Path, is a series of simple, mechanical techniques, called Ascension Attitudes, which have the potential to reveal more:

more joy and happiness
greater focus and clarity
better sleep
better health
improved relationships
an ability to let go of unhelpful or insistent thoughts
greater acceptance of ourselves and others
more openness
a greater ability to be fully present and live ‘in the moment.

The Ascension Attitudes are based in Praise, Gratitude and Love. When practiced regularly, they can re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negativity, and change one’s relationship with the mind. Best of all, no belief is required!

What makes Ascension different?

The Ascension Attitudes allow anyone to easily Ascend, or rise above, the chatter and chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace.

Using the Attitudes is mechanical in its approach and helps dissolve accumulated stress in our nervous system.

The Attitudes can be used eyes closed, for deep rest and healing, and eyes open for clarity, focus, and being present throughout the day. It is one thing to have a peaceful closed-eye meditation, but it is much more impactful to experience peace as we go about our day.

These techniques allow our awareness to rest beyond the movement of thoughts and emotions - on the immovable Stillness that underlies everything. This is substantially more effective than being attentive to the transient aspect of our existence (body, breath, sensations or mantras).

This is an ancient teaching kept in its purity - it involves no dogma or belief system. It is not a religion. Ascension is completely experiential. This is about you and your exploration of the Truth that exists within.

Ascension involves no forcing, controlling or trying. 

Once learned - there is on-going support and resitting a weekend First Sphere course is free.