Who are we?

Boundless is an initiative of Greg & Sally, two modern day monks passionate about humanity experiencing more calmness, peace and happiness, so we can one day all live in harmony. It's possible, and it starts with each of us.

All that's required is to make a choice.

What’s on offer?

Here at Boundless we are all about providing free resources to help enhance your experience of every day life. They include practical video clips that give tips to allow anyone to experience more calmness and inner peace. Greg has also written a book called 'Boundless' , about his own journey to peace; and we've made a full feature documentary 'A Mindful Choice', showing people from all walks of life choosing for a different way of being.

The most accessible resources are the short video tips that will guide you to more connection and inner peace.

The videos are about 2-3 minutes long; are easy to apply, and they’re absolutely free. The Video Series


Are you ready to experience more?

We've made numerous short video clips with tips to enjoy and enhance your life.

They're quick to watch and very easy to apply. They’re also absolutely free so visit our VIDEO SERIES or watch them all on our YouTube channel.


The book is about Greg Hopkinson, probably the most unlikely monk you will ever meet. He was an extremely cynical and judgemental businessman - not a spiritual bone in his body. But a near death experience gave him a glimpse of a blissful state of peace, and he wanted more.

A perpetual state of peace and contentment is rare - but even more rare is the accessible way that this book leads the reader on a journey to a life of less stress and more happiness.

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Why We Made The Documentary

Greg and Sally were inspired to make the full feature documentary, A Mindful Choice, to show that anyone can choose for a greater experience of life.

Although all the people in the film use a meditation technique called Ascension as taught by the Ishayas’ of The Bright Path, there are many ways to experience more happiness and contentment. The path or approach is different for each of us but the destination is the same.

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Meditation is probably the single most effective tool in transforming your experience of life.

There are many different forms of meditation available and any valid meditation is likely to be highly beneficial to your health and happiness.

The Boundless crew practice a meditation teaching called 'The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension' For more details on Ascension click here!

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